Sport Fishing Aboard the Patty-J
The Finest Experience in Rhode Island Fishing


Types of Trips BLOCK ISLAND FISHING Full day 5:30 am to 2:00 pm $650.00 1/2 Day 5:30 am to 11:30am $450.00
Inshore- Half or Full-Day

Inshore trips can be booked for half or full days. However we recommend that full day trips are a far greater value. A half day is only half enough fun! An inshore trip can be customized in a number of ways. We can go for striped bass and bluefish using trolling methods or eels or we can do some bottom fishing for flounder, sea bass, and scup. Also we can do a morning of trolling then try for some flounder during the second half of the day.

Offshore- Full-Day Only

For those of you with a greater sense of adventure, the Patty-J can take you offshore for some bigger game. Offshore trips can include trolling or chunking for tuna, or shark fishing. Species caught include bluefin tuna, mako, thresher, and blue sharks. Occasionally yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, and infrequently marlin can be caught in our waters.

Some Species We Catch
Striped Bass

The Striped Bass may be the most popular fish caught in our waters. Stripers can be caught from the beach, on rocks, in salt ponds, or pretty much anywhere. However, to experience some truly world class striper fishing you should venture out to the world-famous waters around Block Island. The stripers we catch range from about 7 to 60 pounds and over. However, they average just a few pounds more than our competitorís fish. The striped bass puts up a tremendous fight that will test anyoneís forearms. If you are lucky, you may enter the 50 pound club on one of our trips. These fish start biting in May and donít stop until the snow starts falling. If you are in search of some unbelievable action and can put up with some unpredictable weather, the striper fishing is sometimes at its best in October and November.


Known for their razor sharp teeth, bluefish get a bad rap as a nuisance fish. However, bluefish put up a great fight and taste better than their detractors would have you believe. As long as they are cleaned and cooked properly, bluefish can make a fine meal. These fish range from a few pounds to giant gorilla blues that can reach twenty pounds. Some days it is possible to catch barrels full of these voracious predators. They generally enter out waters around June and stay until the end of Fall. Bluefish are generally caught all day along with stripers.

Summer Flounder or Fluke

The fluke is one of the finest tasting fish in the sea. The tender white filets of summer flounder are indescribably delicious pretty much any way you like to cook them. These fish arrive anywhere from May to June and stick around all summer. Fluke are generally only about 2 pounds but they can get to 15 pounds or more. They are a favorite or bottom fisherman and can be caught by the barrel full some days.

Bluefin Tuna

The Bluefin is the king of the tuna family. They can reach a weight of over 1,500 pounds and can swim up to 45 mph. They are generally caught in our waters from mid to late July to October. Although, like many other species, they used to much more abundant in our waters, there are still some tuna to catch. A tuna trip could include catching school tuna or "footballs," mediums (100-250 pounds), or a giant tuna (300 pounds and up). Methods to catch these tuna include trolling for them earlier in the season then using bait or chunking them later in the season.

Mako Shark

The Mako is one of the ocean's greatest acrobats. They are rumored to be the fastest fish in the sea, reaching speeds up to 60 mph. They can leap more than 20 feet out of the water when hooked and put on one of the most spectacular fights the ocean has to offer. Althoug like tuna, shark populations are suffering now due to overfishing, hooking up with a mako is a good possibility on a New England shark fishing trip.


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